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Modern and intuitive solutions 
Building a new home? 
Kilian Smart Homes is proud to offer state of the art technology in order to transform your home, business or office and unlock its full potential. We understand that everyone's needs are different which why we specifically focus on offering custom solutions to our clients. Whether you are specifically looking to integrate a modern security system in your home, focused on adding smart climate control to your offices, you wish to have full control of your house though your voice and much more, we will be present to deliver and ensure top quality. 

Our services are divided into 6 main categories, each having their own particular devices and features associated to them. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that home automation works best when the entire system works in harmony. This is specifically why we act as experts not only in individual automation features but also in offering a fully synchronized automation infrastructure.

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Safe anywhere.
Smart home automation allows your home to become safe and secure through a variety of core features. From the integration of smart cameras accessible through your devices for ease of mind, a smart security system controlled and monitored live and smart locks giving you full information and secure accessibility, We guarantee to proved top of the line quality products and a smooth seamless installation. 
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How many times have you found yourself in front of your door, searching for your keys not remembering where you placed them? This imagine if you could open or lock your door without your keys, simply through your smart phone or by dialing your secret code. These are the benefits that smart locks bring to your home. 

ConvenienceUse a smartphone application to control your locks | Eliminate the need for a physical set of keys | Lock and unlock doors remotely. 

SecurityArm and disarm your security system depending on when the doors are locked. | Hold a two-way conversation with visitors using an intercom system. Visually verify who is at your door. Receive alerts whenever visitors arrive.
The ability to visit home…anytime and from anywhere. That’s what our powerful, convenient home security camera systems offer. Gain the peace of mind of looking in on your home from anywhere in the world.

With a home security camera system, you can:
View live video or recorded clips from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Watch video from multiple cameras simultaneously. Turn security cameras on or off and adjust views using your computer, smartphone or tablet. See and record visitors knocking on your door using motion-triggered settings. Receive an email or text message the instant it happens. Access archived clips on a secure site to prevent tampering or accidental deletion so you can refer back at any time.

The ideal security system
your Smart Home Security system can help keep unwanted visitors away by working with your other smart devices to simulate an occupied home. The system can turn on compatible lights, and the 90-decibel internal speaker can play sounds like a barking dog, to make any potential intruder think twice.


Entertainment at its finest.
A high-end home theater is more than just the sum of its components. Whether you use it for movies, sports or gaming, you’ll probably want to extend the experience to other features within the house. For example, do you want the lights to dim automatically when your movie starts to play? Since smart home solutions allow for systems in your home to “speak” to each other, your dealer can program your lighting (and even your temperature) to react to your home theater.
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When it comes to maneuvering wires and installing your theater’s devices, working with a technology professional means you simply can sit back and relax. As theater installation experts, we have years of experience building the infrastructures for private cinemas throughout Connecticut. Our dedicated work will ensure your theater is prepared to support a top-of-the-line viewing experience. But our theater projects entail more than just preparing a theater for its technology. We can install every component of your theater – from an Ultra HD 4K projector and screen to a Dolby Atmos surround sound speaker arrangement to even Savant integrated control. By the time our installation is complete, you’ll have a theater that’s ready for you to enjoy.

Maintenance: Once we finish your theater’s setup, we don’t just go away forever. We’re always here to be your expert resource on your cinema’s technology.

The importance of display calibration cannot be overstated. Involving the use of both hardware and software elements, it ensures that a display is efficiently operating at its full quality capabilities. In fact, display settings that degrade the performance of the backlights can be adjusted to optimal values during a professional calibration.

It's not only about making it look good, but sound good as well:
Many audiophiles will change equipment, speakers, or cables in the hope of improving imaging, soundstaging or bass response. What most don’t realize is that how they set up your system is as important as their equipment. This is why our in depth knowledge will allow you to exploit the full potential of your video and sound systems.

Expert consulation:
The fact is, every private cinema is different. And your project deserves our undivided attention so that you can get the best use out of your space. From the moment you reach out to our team, we can begin working with you to build a custom design for your theater. Have a specific theme or idea in mind? Tell us, and we can include it in our plans.


Entertainment at its finest.
Save energy, Enhance comfort & convinience and improve safety & Security
Today, energy efficiency is an essential element of every home and business. When considering your options, keep in mind that dimming saves energy without sacrificing style or convenience. 

For single homes, buildings, or large commercial campuses, brands like Lutron offer dimmers, sensors, control systems, and integration with curtains and shades to save energy, optimize system performance and estetics.
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Lighting is one of the most important considerations when it comes to interior design. You want to ensure that your home is well lit in certain places and that you have just the right amount of light in others. Smart lighting can be controlled using various smartphones, tablets and even desktop computers; and of course there are the manual controls should you wish to make any adjustments. 

Customization: create personalized themes so that you house wakes up and goes to sleep with you automatically, by voice control, with an app or at the click of a button. Play your favorite song, dim the lights, close the shades or all of the above
Opening and closing your shades has never been this easy:
Smart, motorized shades can help control the solar gain and heat loss your home experiences naturally throughout the day simply by opening and closing at pre-programmed times. With the addition of smart home technology, the blinds can actually learn when they need to open and close based on temperature and sun light, maximizing the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

The ideal security system
The power to transform any space with light is at the palm of your hand. Control lights and shades in a single room or throughout your entire home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, voice commands or your mobile device. Open or close your shades automatically at specific times according to your daily routine. Create themes for privacy, dinner parties or everyday use. Integrate your shades with your favorite voice command device such as Alexa or Google Assistant and even integrate it with Sonos to play your favorite play list.


Working in harmony.
From smart light bulbs and thermostats that think for themselves to Bluetooth door locks, wireless security cameras, and all manner of sensors, today’s home technology can sound awfully sophisticated while actually being a messy hodgepodge of gizmos and apps. Whether you call it home automation or the connected home, installing all this stuff in your house is one thing. Getting it to work together smoothly and with a single user interface can be something entirely different.
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New hardware products arrive on the home networking scene frequently. Understanding what new capabilities they offer is essential to planning future upgrades. Your existing home network equipment can function and provide “good enough” support for many years, but maintaining the best home network setup requires much more frequent updating.
Control anywhere:
The Smart Home Automation Interface is how you interact with your home. It can be as simple as a hand held remote for your video experience or a touchscreen to browse and play your favorite music collection. It can even be a keypad that controls all the lighting, music, window treatments and more throughout your entire home. The Interface can also be programmed to control your favorite smartphone, tablet, wrist device from anywhere on the globe. Each Interface is designed for simple and effortless access to the features that you desire most, with a consistent look and feel across the entire home.

Designed fro perfection
Both Crestron and Control 4 smart home automation systems have apps that have been designed to function on all of your favorite mobile devices. You can lock doors, turn on lights, adjust the temperature and even close the garage door with a touch of a button from the application. These applications allow you opportunity to connect and access your home’s platform from anywhere.


Sound & voice
Your voice-activated virtual assistant serves as your universal remote — controlling your TV, lights, temperature, blinds, multiple speakers throughout the home, home-security system and so on. There’s no more worrying whether you left the lights or the stove on, or the front door unlocked; you can double- and triple-check remotely via smartphone to your heart’s content.
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Elevate your music listening experience with a space precisely designed to wow your ears and rattle your soul. Whether you’re in the mood for some rock, jazz or a piece of classical music, a properly engineered room will help you get the most out of your high-fidelity sound system. Audio Den will deploy the appropriate combination of audio electronics, speakers, accessories and acoustic treatments that meets your needs, budget and aesthetic. We can even help you design and build a dedicated listening room from the ground up.
Smart speakers can quickly become the focal point of every automated system in your home, giving you unprecedented control over your devices and making them easier than ever to use. While voice control is great at controlling individual pieces of smart home technology, its real beauty lies in tying multiple systems together in an intuitive manner.

The future is here:
You could lower the shades, dim the lights and adjust the temperature in your bedroom with individual commands, or you can use voice control to trigger them all simultaneously in response to a simple phrase. These premade “scenes” you can build through your home control system are a great way to simplify your lifestyle through automation, and smart speakers can allow you to access them through just your voice.

The power of a Multi-room sound system
Transform your home into a musical retreat with streamed music in each room, and crystal clear surround sound in your home theater. A complete home audio system starts from a centralized audio and video system that broadcasts music and video signals throughout the whole home. Utilizing a central system keeps bulky and ugly equipment hidden, meaning the only components in each room are speakers and TV screens that can be seamlessly integrated with your room design.


Entertainment at its finest.
Want to make sure that you arrive back to toasty warm home? Set the inbuilt astrological clock to turn on your underfloor heating, towel rails, electric fireplace and heat pumps on at certain times, during certain months so that your home will always be ready for your arrival.
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During parties, movie nights and other activities that involve a lot of people, body heat will naturally cause certain rooms to feel too warm. Climate control will use your in-room sensors to trigger your smart home system to automatically adjust the appropriate thermostats to a cooler setting, while simultaneously altering the intensity of the lighting and shades if necessary.
AC Control
If your home has multiple remotes and keypad interfaces for your HVAC, underfloor heating, fireplace etc then you would be familiar with the wall clutter seen in the picture below. Preserve your interior design and simplify your life by allowing your smart home system to adjust them all from one user interface, like the screen of a touch panel or smartphone.

Energy management
If you have a climate management system in place then its good news for you and the environment because your smart home can override and power off automatic or timer based settings in certain situations e.g. By pushing Vacation mode all HVAC powers off, so you don’t waste unnecessary electricity when you are away.

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